The story continues..

As we continued in our journey Josiah was healed and grew stronger every day. I don’t think that to this date any day could compare to the day that he came home. Those 10 days were full of nights that were restless and days with tearful goodbyes. But God is good and His will is […]

Such a short journey but such a long story

As most of you know Josiah was born last year on June 12th. He was a full term baby but just hours after birth is was very clear that something was wrong. He ended up spending 10 days in the Neonatal Intesive Care unit at St. John’s in Creve Coure. Our lives were forever changed […]

Getting to know Samantha Jo..

There is not quite as much of Sam’s story to tell. She is a very happy little girl and will often bring a smile to your face. She has a personality all her own and although she looks like her sister that is where the similarities stop. Sam is loud and full of energy. She […]

Watching Maggie grow…..

It is hard to start logging a journey in the middle of a trip and in a lot of ways, I have found, that our children’s lives are a journey that we live out from day to day. Posting these pictures of Maggie on or around all of her past birthdays seemed to be the […]

Just a little glimps of time

I wanted to post these pictures to show how much the kids really have looked alike. I just thought it was so neat to go back in time and see pictures of the kids around the same age.