Where’s the Man?

If you have ever looked for a book that will encourage you, challenge you, and leave you wondering how you need to change your life, you need to read “Where’s The Man?”. This book was actually written by my dad and I couldn’t be more proud of his unending effort to impact those around him […]

Label Daddy

I am so excited to show you these beautiful zipper pulls that I received from Label Daddy. They are personalized with our last name on one side and then the wonderful sister Anna from “Frozen”. I love that the clips are solid metal and sturdy enough to stand up to my busy girls. The colors […]

Pinterest Ideas for Girls

The other day I had a couple of extra girls here and they were scouring Pinterest for things to do because it was so very cold outside. Well they found some great Pinterest ideas for girls. They made suckers out of Jolly Ranchers and melted crayons into fun pieces of artwork.  A few paper candy […]

Long Days of Motherhood

  Dear Fellow Mom, We are in this together. This season of exhaustion, and long days. They seem forever don’t they? These long days of motherhood stretch before us endlessly. They push us to our limits and even beyond. Who knew one could go without sleep for weeks or months at a time!!! Or one […]

Names of Jesus Christmas Chain

I had mentioned on the Facebook page that I was working on a Names of Jesus Christmas Chain to use during the month of December as a way to count down to Christmas Day. Each piece of the chain has a different name of Jesus on it along with a Bible reference where that name can […]

Quiet Time.

We have all seen images of a nicely laid out space with a steaming cup of coffee and a nice neat line of colored highlighters. A pretty candle and an open Bible finish off this space and tell us of the occupant’s intention. A quiet time alone with God is every believer’s desire for each […]

Busy Mom Christmas

So, are stress free, memory filled holidays even possible for a mom? This mom thing so often feels like a sprint through some of the most precious moments in life instead of the slow and steady marathon that is should be. How does one make a busy mom Christmas a little more peaceful? In this series we […]

Homeschool Giveaways

Would you love to win a $100 gift certificate just in time for Christmas? You can enter to win that much money from Homeschool Giveaways today!! All you need is an email address. No fancy, complicated hoops to jump through, just enter your email address and be on your way. Enter using the image below!! […]