Seasons Change

Seasons Change.

The seasons change every year in the same order.


First Winter.

And then comes the Spring.

Next we enjoy the warmth of Summer.

And then the coziness of Fall is upon us.

Therefore we always look forward to the next season with great anticipation. The warm soil and sunshine in the cold of winter puts a longing in our hearts. Shouldn’t we be the same way in our spirits? Always looking with anticipation at what is next! The next nugget of truth, the next mountain to climb, the next heart to minister to. Never satisfied, never content. Always looking forward. Some say it is discontentment, I say it is dedication and drive.

Finally, we need a faith that is full of action! Always pushing ourselves to be better and do better. Serving Christ sacrificially. As we start the new year, let’s keep our eyes on the future. Let’s look forward to what Christ has in store for us this year. Hard times will come and times of great rejoicing will brighten our days too. Let’s keep on serving and striving!

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