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Spanish for You! recently sent me their Estaciones program for review. The Estaciones program offers lessons that focus on the weather and seasons and much more. It is a fully interactive curriculum that works great as a whole family study with worksheets for all levels. It can be easily taught by a parent with no prior experience with the Spanish language. It is the perfect way for parents to learn right along with their children in this fun and stress free program where all the work is done for you. Just listen to the files, follow the lesson plans and be on your way to speaking Spanish words by the end of the first week!

Spanish for You homeschool spanish

When you purchase this program you get a complete homeschool Spanish program for children in grades 3-8 for $64.95. There are between 24 and 30 weeks worth of lessons that are available via softcover book or download. There are also downloadable files for self-checking worksheets, audio files that aid students in speaking and hearing the Spanish language, and a complete lesson guide.

Spanish for You -homeschool Spanish

We have absolutely LOVED this program. Now, my children have had previous experience with a homeschool Spanish program but nothing that was this structured. In previous years my sister (who has a background in Spanish) has taught them lessons on vocabulary for family members and clothing, but this program even starts to show the children how to conjugate verbs and how to write in Spanish. The worksheets are fun and not overwhelming with a little drawing, a little writing, and sometimes a little reading it makes it seem like a lot less work for students.

One of my favorite aspects of this homeschool Spanish program is the full audio file that accompanies the lessons. It isn’t up to me to be able to show the children how to pronounce the new words in a language that I am not fluent in. I love watching my children practice their vocabulary. They have no fear of “saying it wrong” which allows them to learn quickly! I love that the audio files include vocabulary lessons with a chance for the students to repeat the words or phrases right after the teacher. This program has been amazing so far.


The worksheets that I have been using are for grades 3-4 but they have been working for Josiah (grade 1), Samantha (grade 3), and even Maggie (grade 5). I am sure that Maggie could have done the next level but it was just more fun for everyone if we all worked on the same sheets at the same time. I love programs that work for a wide age range and that are easily adaptable for the learning needs of multiple children. And this program offered just that. There are also vocabulary words for each week’s lessons that the children make flashcards for themselves. This has been great for review.

homeschool spanish program
Reviewing with their flashcards.

We have charted the weather and learned the days of the week. We have discovered how to talk about many of the things that we do on a day to day basis like write, draw, and look. And I can’t wait to see where else this program takes us. I can’t say enough good about Spanish for You! for anyone looking for a homeschool Spanish program.



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  1. Oh my goodness! Your video is adorable! Really cute kids and their Spanish accent sounds so natural! Nice review.