Where’s the Man?

If you have ever looked for a book that will encourage you, challenge you, and leave you wondering how you need to change your life, you need to read “Where’s The Man?”. This book was actually written by my dad and I couldn’t be more proud of his unending effort to impact those around him to live the higher calling of a life committed to Christ. Where's The Man?

This book is great for late teen boys and young men just beginning to discover what they are doing in their life. It will challenge them to live intentionally after the type of man that they want to be. They will find themselves challenged to break free of society’s “dumbing down” of the male role in the home and the family and to stand up and be “the man” in their life.

For adults of all ages this book will challenge you to rise up and strive for the higher calling. To choose the road less traveled and be the person that God has called you to be. “Where’s the Man?” will cause you to stop and reflect on the direction of your life and where you want go from here. Pick up your copy of it today and find out for yourself how this book can change your life today. It is an easy read and one that will create years of change for just a small amount of time to read it.


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