The View from Here….

My view from here this past week was a little sad.
Look at how the humidifier made his hair curl!!
Pedi a lite popsicles.
So sad!!
Runny noses.
Cutest sick baby I’ve seen in a long time!!
And sick little boys with 102-103 degree fever.
Just a little side note, if you need a humidifier these from Walgreens are AMAZING!!
Lots of attempts to clear the stuffiness and get fluids into his little body.
See the bruise in his hand?
Things turned from bad to worse. Poor little boy had a trip to the ER on Wednesday.
And ended up with an IV in his hand.
Yes, I’m a weird mom that wanted a picture of his hospital bracelet.
After a week of laying around and being miserably sick, things are finally looking up for poor little Jeremiah. And after not playing much at all for such a long time you should see his newest accomplishment!! But, that is for another post.

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